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Magnetic 02:36
Surfing on a wave of questions no one really will ask or answer. Tan in your sunshine, keep the right to turn my back and walk my way. Get down and dirty, forget about the outcome. No limitations. Sometimes I wish I knew all about your covered hopes and intentions. But maybe the clear air might ruin everything. Get down and dirty, forget about the outcome. No expectations. I like you by my side. Your magnetic power is hard to decline. Even though we're label free and not short of time, I can't but feel there's a blurry deadline. Every time I want to be flirty and show my admiration - I draw back. Body Language, the only language. Sunglasses on I can't see your shade. I like you by my side. Your magnetic power is hard to decline. I want you by my side, But I can’t help feeling there’s a blurry deadline.
Resistance 02:44
Our human rights did not come for free. Someone shoved the barriers before us. When old, white men want to take them away we refuse to ignore them. Sending shivers down your spine, they have no chance when we unite. Resistance, resistance! When I put my hand in yours we will overcome them all. Defiance, defiance! We’re still marching with fists held high, shouting out our discontent in anger. Painful reminders of the battles that someone already fought. She is free in her wildness, she’s a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders, and cares nothing for rules. She belongs to no man, she’s a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders, and cares nothing for rules. Sending shivers down your spine, they have no chance when we unite. Resistance, with sisters! When I put my hand in yours we will overcome them all. Defiance, defiance!
Revolt 02:14
Gathering forces, let's fight the rotten. The words we spoke aren't making the fuzz we want. One shout together will not be disclaimed Make sure the past is not forgotten. I'm standing with you pushing them down. Revolting No nazi scum in our streets. We claim we are stronger. We claim we are fearless. No frames or borders are sculpting our views. When people around us are dropping like flies, our voices need to be louder. No nazis, no nazis, we want no nazis in our streets.
Finne frem med gluggene stengt igjen. Hjernen går på høygir, mens du biter i asfalten. Det skal så lite til før du knekker som et siv. Du er nede nå. Triller piller ned i gapet, driver dank og er i tvil. For et herlig liv. En klam hånd svinger deg dit den vil gå. Rundt og rundt. Rommet er dis og røyk. Veldig snart er du bedøvd og føler ingenting. Føler ingenting. Drukner ei, den som henges skal. I ditt sakte selvmord trives du på livets rand. Noe ypper med din ro, en trigger ligger utenpå. Du er høyt oppe nå. Galskap uten no system, hyper uten initiativ. For et herlig liv. Fylle tomme glass med mening, glasset uten bånn får stå. Du er ferdig nå. Pakk ut baggen din for evig, finn en venn som står deg bi. For et herlig liv.
Traitor Faithful to your shield. You didn't keep the best of you. Stepped on a fire. The sparks made a scar. Burned away the rest of you. Your shiny crown is just a lie, stolen reasons to feel fine. You keep pulling out your nails in fear of scratching out your eyes. Your self torture ain’t getting you nowhere. Anger Around you there was hope. All the open arms just made you choke. Your safe haven, your sacred hideaway. When you close the door you're gone. You know the person you want to be is your worst enemy. The moment you realize it's never too late to make amends with your true self.
Filthy words, flattering me with your talents. Jumped right into my attention. Straight forward you lead the way down to where the sun doesn't shine. Brash bastard You wanna show me a load of your baby batter What I really want doesn't really matter I know that your proud and you wanna feel alright I don't wanna see your dick in the middle of the night. Tight skin and rivers of veins, pumped to the limit of bursting. Blood flood filling your bone. Force feeding my phone.
What will happen to you when you cry? Maybe blood will come out of your eyes? Has your river of compassion gone totally dry? What matters is that you're not the one on the ground. Fuck the world, you only live once. Not wasting any time giving non profit arms. Staring at the sun made you blind, but in the corner of your eye, you might glimpse backs turn against your narcissistic pride. You say that happiness is only moments of thrills. The action dividing the grey blocks. Why are you having Saturday every day? Who made egoism a human right? What about the depth that makes it all real? Meaningless for the shallow souls that think that life is only about joy. Labour is something for all the others. The people that raise their hands for the shitty requests. Let them do it, let me live - you say while you prosper and praise your freedom. Your freedom is not close to being free. It costs blood, sweat and tears for those with no choices. Look at all the stuff, you must feel so great. Your stuff will be useless for you when you're dead. The words people speak about who you were. What they say is what you're worth. Inhuman people are worth shit and vanish first. Pleasant pillow sleep, drink, fun. Surf on top of the working mom. I need my space to develop, you say. I'll pay your bills, make sure you're safe. Generation all gain. Generation no pain.
Ikke se deg tilbake, bær ditt skjold. Fremmed i en ny verden uten kontroll. Alt du kan føle handler om vold. Bærer byrden av ruin og et ødelagt folk. Vi vil ha deg her. Vi deler en drøm om en verden uten fordommer og hat. Det er så mange ord du ikke vet hva betyr og det er mange som ser på deg som et dyr. Du blir dømt for din farge, din tro og ditt ry. Et liv i frihet, men i hengemyr. Du stolte nordmann med landet ditt kjær, vil være helt aleine her. Du som vil holde rasen ren, jævla høyreekstrem. Slutt å spre din profeti, tapte argumenter. Lei av ditt nasjonalistonani, vi vil ha dem her. English translation: Don’t look back, carry your shield. A stranger in a new world without any control. Everything you can feel is about violence. Carry the burden of ruins and a broken population. We want you here. We share a dream of a world without prejudice and hate. There are so many words you don’t know the meaning of, And there are so many people that look at you as if you were an animal. You get judged by your colour, your faith and your reputation. A life in freedom, but in quagmire. You proud Norwegian that loves your country, you want to be all alone here. You, who talk about keeping the race clean, fucking extreme right wing. Stop spreading your prophecies, lost arguments. Sick of your nationalist masturbation. We want them here!
Time for change, now we need to stand closer. You don’t have to be alone in this eternal fight. From the day we opened our eyes we’ve been taught not to cross the borders. The weight keeps pushing us down, keeps making us taste the shame. Never back down, even though you feel it’s lost and over. With your withering wings - demand to fly! Prepare to elevate, can’t wait for the patriarchs to abdicate. Remember when down on your knees, there’s nothing stronger than a broken woman who rebuilt herself.
Broken 02:43
Falter in the darkness to find myself. Stumbling in ditches, where did I hide? I'm lost, I have surrendered to your control. At the same time voices screaming in my head. Look at all the masters with spotless grades. Checking all the boxes that you can’t cope with. Time to throw in the towel, you'll never do. There will always be someone so much better than you. Broken I'll never be enough. Will not reach the level that I want. Always claiming more than I can give. Everyone’s disappointed at your poor gain. Even at the lowest standard you are born to fail. Why do you bother to wake up? A life in constant headwind is a battle lost.
Warfare 02:08
I can see the plan in your sinister smile Intentions to make this last for a while. The duration is yours to decide. The duration is my chance to get out alive. I'm in deep shit. Give me a sign. Eyes open wide. You will not determine my ending time. Shoot out. The warfare has just begun. A single combat to be won. I follow my internal screams, and feel my way through hell. It's you or me, your cock is sticking out. It's me or you, the clocks are ticking out. With sticks and stones and both my guns. You mistake the female for frail, like a flower easy to break. You believe that force gives you strength. That my will is weaker than your force. Your demons will never crush my soul. I will rise again.
Hud Mot Hud 02:02
Jeg trengte blikk, fine ord, noen å flørte med. Noen å henge, og kanskje klaffe med. Så møttes vi og veksla noen ord. En gnist ble tent og spillet kunne starte. Behov for noen, noen å kun være nær. Hud mot hud, i latter og kjenne at du har lyst på meg. Jeg så på deg, ble sky og spent på samme tid. Jeg ville gå, men ville ha deg med. Så traff vi blikk og vi skjønte begge to, selv uten ord, hvor vi skulle nå. I wanted looks, nice words, someone to flirt with. Someone to hang out, and maybe match with. And then we met and we talked. A spark was lit and the game began. In need of someone, someone just to be close. Skin meeting skin, in laughter, and feeling that you crave me. I looked at you, got shy and excited at the same time. I wanted to go, but I wanted you to come with me. Then our eyes met, and we both knew, Without words, where we were going.


Magnetic is the fourth album of Lucky Malice. It was recorded in Aber Studio in Halden in May 2020. It is recorded and mixed by Simen Følstad Nilsen and mastered by Hans Uhre.


released November 13, 2020


all rights reserved



Tonehjulet Kräftpest Østfold, Norway

DIY record-label & production-company, with roots in a music-collective.

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